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In the last 10 years the stock market:

  • Lost 32.9%, gained 101.6%, lost 56.8 %, gained 85.9% and ended the decade up 8.6% from January 2002.
  • $10,000 invested in a buy and hold strategy with an S&P Indexed fund would have grown to $10,811 (8.6%) in ten years.
  • Over the same time span using Our PWA market timing program with the same indexed fund $10,000 would have grown to $76,089, an increase of 660%.

Would you prefer the 8.6% or the 660% for ten years of effort?

Can you afford to NOT use PWA Market Timing Software?

In 2011:

  • The S&P 500, one measure of the market, opened the year at 1271 and closed at 1257 for a 1.1% loss.
  • The PWA market timing program when used with an S&P 500 indexed fund returned 29.3%.

In 2010:

  • The market as measured by the S&P 500 index gained only 10.6%
  • The PWA program, using default settings,
    gained 24.0%
  • PWA, using a tighter moving average chart setting, gained 43.5%

In 2009:

  • The market gained only 19%
  • PWA Online Analyzer with default settings
    gained 85%
  • PWA Online Analyzer with tighter parameters
    gained 105%

In 2008:

  • The market fell from 1447 to 752, a 48% loss
  • PWA Online Analyzer with default settings produced an 8% gain
  • PWA Online Analyzer with tighter settings yielded 54%

2002 - 2011

Market Timing Software PWA Results


For a cost of less than one dollar a day the PWA gains could have been yours and can be yours in the future.



With PWA Market Timing Software You Get To:

  • Utilize a unique analysis tool for investing in stocks
  • Maximize your investment returns using a market timing strategy
  • Know when to move in and out of the market
  • Do the above in safety

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