About Investment Timing Software

From the Founder:

I've been an investor for a long time, and it's the third best money related activity I've been involved with, rating just after learning to save money when I was a boy and learning to work to earn some of it.

Initially I started putting a small share of my earnings into our company 401K with the intention of just adding to it and letting it grow. One year, I returned home from vacation to find that I'd lost 33% of the value of my investments and, though I knew it was just a "paper" loss, I didn't like it much at all. I started eyeing the crests and troughs of the commonly watched averages thinking (correctly) that if I would have caught most of the price upswings and skipped the price downturns, I not only would have avoided the loss, I'd be way further ahead than that. So, I began working toward that goal.

Eventually I discovered a way to use replicated moving averages to create two oscillators, one within the other, that presents a picture indicating whether today's price varies enough from recent averages to warrant stock or mutual fund buying or selling actions. Laborious proof-of-concept studies showed the system generates profitable buy and sell signals in rising markets, falling markets, or lateral markets irrespective of whether prices were near all time highs or lows. Next I worked with Jim Wright of Yosemite Computer Consultants, who did a masterful job in taking the concept and developing a user friendly, effective program we could make available to other people. The result of our work is Price Wave Analysis® (PWA), given that name because price line moving average crests and troughs remind me of ocean swells.

In my opinion, investors ought to use a portion of the money allocated to stocks in their portfolio for trading because successful trading will grow capital much more rapidly than a buy-and-hold approach will. We believe that the PWA is a tool that will help many people succeed handsomely in that effort.

Investment Timing Software, LLC (ITS) is a limited liability company registered in California. The company provides investment and money management information to investors. All materials on the company website is copyrighted, all rights reserved. Price Wave Analysis® is a registered trademark of Investment Timing Software.