You Can Profit from Stocks

Does market timing really work? Yes it does, and here's the best imaginable argument for market timing. It's real, not just a story.

If you had invested $10,000 in the 500 companies comprising the S&P 500, which you can do with index funds, in the year 2000 and just left it alone (the buy and hold strategy) the value of your investment as of 11/20/2008 would be $4,900. That's a $5,100 loss in nine years. This approach makes no economic sense whatever.

Here's how it would have happened:

  • The S&P Index reached its high on 3/23/2000 at the 1527 level at which point your portfolio value was $10,000.
  • You would have watched that value erode to the market low at 776 on 10/9/2002 and at that time your value was $5,100, a 49% loss.
  • Next the market recovered to a new high of 1553 on 7/19/2007, and your value grew by 100% to $10,200.
  • The market next sagged slowly for a while and then crashed to a low at 752; a drop of 51%, leaving you with a portfolio value of $4,900 on 11/20/2008.

So riding the Buy and Hold roller coaster leaves you with LESS THAN HALF your initial investment after NINE YEARS of effort. Doesn't make sense. During those nine years, Price Wave Analysis (PWA) would have returned 849% to you and grown your nest egg to $94,943.00.

Checking results for the time span from January 2004 to the present shows that the market dropped 32% while the PWA program produced gains of 126%.

For 2008 we find:

  • The market fell from 1447 to 752, a 48% loss.
  • Our PWA program produced a 12% gain and, just as importantly, missed the market crash altogether.

Now, no one can do perfect market timing, but think about what your bottom line would be if you had captured the price upturns and avoided the price down turns in any of those time spans. While the PWA market timing program can't do perfect timing either, it can help you capture most of upturns and avoid most of down turns, all to the greater benefit of your net worth and the realization of you goals and dreams.

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