Investment Timing Software Products

The Advanced Subscription:
PWA Online Analyzer

The advanced subscription is titled, "PWA Online Analyzer." It is suitable for use with mutual funds, exchange traded funds (EFTs), common stocks purchased outside of mutual funds, and any other markets for which data sets are available.

  • These kinds of investments have no limits on how often trades can be made.
  • Therefore the PWA Online Analyzer program is constructed to yield more trades, capture smaller price moves, but produce higher returns than the 500 Timer program.


  • PWA Online Analyzer subscribers will not be restricted to either the default setting or S&P 500 Index data.
  • You will have complete control of chart parameters to change band width and band shape to fit the data set you are using.
  • You will be able to work with virtually any market data set you choose, including funds matching indexes other than the S&P 500, common stocks, bonds, or exchange traded funds to name a few.

Using the PWA Online Analyzer:

  • Your Online Analyzer subscription will permit access to the PWA Master Program any time for one year so you can process data sets you choose online.
  • With your subscription you will get access to all of the symbols on our current list of companies.
  • You can also order symbols that are not on the current list at a cost of $49.95 per symbol. Allow one week for our staff to set up the data feed and establish a database for a new symbol on our server.
  • If you have any doubt at all about the exact market symbol for the company you are interested in, we recommend you use the Yahoo finance website "locate symbol" function to be sure the symbol you want is the one being ordered.

PWA Online Analyzer Price:

An Online Analyzer annual subscription is priced at $360.00.

  • Click here to see the PWA Online Analyzer chart covering the time frame of January 2000 to two weeks ago. You will be able to scroll backward and forward and see how well the program works over time.
  • You can scroll backward and forward through time.
  • You can experiment with different band widths and different moving averages to alter band shape by clicking on and changing numbers in the control boxes.
  • Note: Subscriptions are not renewed automatically. You will receive subscription lapse notices by email one month prior to your subscription expiration.

Information about the Basic Subscription: PWA 500 Timer is available here.