Investment Timing Software Testimonials

S.S. - Great product. I have used countless programs in the past ten years for position trading and this one is the best so far. I have spent Thousands of dollars on software programs that always ultimately end up failing. I have been using your program for two days now with live trading and I am up 5%.

P.E. - Thank you for a very effective program (it really works!) and great customer service. Investment timing software has transformed my approach to trading in the stock market, by encouraging a patient, disciplined approach. The program brings this investor a sense of confidence and control, which greatly reduces the stress in buy/sell decisions. I have been able to weed out many previously-purchased stocks, which were languishing in my portfolio without a clear exit strategy. Over the past three months, I have realized an average profit of 5.2% in 21 new trades, 85% of which have been profitable, with an average holding time of 16 days.

M.R. - I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for your service. I have used the ITS software for about a year now and I've been quite impressed with it. I employ your software with two different strategies. First, I use it to help find opportune rebalance points for my long-term positions in various asset classes. I will take some profits when your software is showing that an asset class is overbought, and I will add to positions when the software is telling me that something is oversold. The software has worked marvelously for that type of timing.

Secondly, I use ITS for short-term, directional swing trades with long options. I would say I'm hitting roughly 70% of my option trades using nothing more than your software, with my winners being bigger (percentage) than my losers.

J. T. - I have been a subscriber for less than a month but already am very pleased with the Investment Timing Software Price Wave Software. I just used it very successfully to time the Gold market, selling 10 OTM put options on a stock I wouldn't mind owning anyway (Win-Win). This trade so far has made me $1093.00 in only 3 days! No method is perfect, but the Price Wave software has also been very helpful in keeping me out of trades until a statistically advantageous moment. I would recommend it highly!

A. B. - This is the best system I have ever seen. At all times you know WHY you are buying or selling. I have been following this system for over 1 year. I just started to use real money and just made $9000.00 Dollars. I have used many market timing services this is the best way. I have been in the stock market for over 30 years.

J.M. - I joined your ITS Market Service three months ago and the S&P is down -5% but my modest account is up +15%. I have more than paid for my subscription. BRAVO!

M. E. - My 'buy-and-hold' strategy had become an 'afraid-to-look' disaster! The Investment Timing Software PWA Analyzer has given me real direction in my investment efforts and measurable returns in my portfolio.

S. S. - I told people about the ease of use with ITS and how I used it to earn over 20% on my investments by purchasing stock when the indicator was in the green in October and selling when it was red in January.

A. R. - The article I downloaded called "Successful Investing Simplified" is good. It will help me get ready to pay for retirement when the time comes.

J. W. - About your Online Analyzer program. I did my own historic studies regarding company prices and the 500 Index, too. Amazing! I want to subscribe.

D. L. - I am a new subscriber to the 500 Timer and I like how easy it is to use. I check it every day, and it only takes a few minutes.

A. L. - I subscribed to the Online Analyzer in January. So far I have made 7% and avoided a 12% drop in price. It works!