Why Market Timing?

Profiting from the stock market is the Holy Grail for all investors who use the markets to improve their net worth. It is entirely possible for you to dramatically increase your success in the market using a very simple stock market timing strategy with either mutual funds or individual company stocks and our Price Wave Analysis (PWA) Online Analyzer computer program charts.

When you subscribe to the PWA program you get a valuable and effective tool to help you capture most of stock price upturns and avoid most of price downturns by identifying buying and selling opportunities.

The PWA program will not tell you which day to move money, but will identify buying and selling opportunities (which vary from a few days to weeks in length). With this information you will decide for yourself exactly when to take a buying or selling action.

To see how our market timing program can work for you:

  • Go to the comparison charts page and see the huge difference between using our PWA market timing approach and using no market timing at all. Notice how the PWA program has performed better than the market every year since January 2000.
  • Also go to the results page if you would like to see a detailed step by step comparison from January 2000 forward.
  • Then watch the demonstration video.
  • Next experiment as much as you like as often as you like with the PWA Online Analyzer test program using the default S&P 500 price data as well as data from the companies on our current list found on the lower right portion of the Test Program screen.
  • Then do the wise thing and subscribe to the Online Analyzer program, and get started TODAY.

It's your money. Take control of it now so you will earn the money to fund your goals without losing your money to the market.